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Convict : westpoint494
The person pictured is likely not the Scammer!
From : United States Tennessee Cleveland
Gender : man
Age : 59
Height :
Last Login: 2019-08-22
Sentenced: 2019-08-23
Crime Committed : My on site behaviour was very suspicious so CLM did a deep dive investigation into who I am and were able to ascertain, beyond any doubt, that I am not who I say I am in my profile and that I am actually located in Ghana. However, I may have partners in the US who assist me so you cannot tell I am a scammer from my IP address. DO NOT TRUST westpoint494. I AM A SCAMMER!! Google Translate: 我的现场行为非常可疑,因此CLM对我是谁进行了深入调查,并且能够毫无疑问地确定我不是我说的我在我的个人资料中并且我实际上位于加纳。 但是,我可能在美国有合作伙伴帮助我,所以你不能告诉我我的IP地址是诈骗者。 不要相信westpoint494。 我是一个骗子!!

Victim Statements/Comments

Photos used by Scammers are rarely their own. The person in the picture is probably completely innocent, but the person using it on any website is likely the same scammer as CLM has caught. If this is your photo and you're innocent contact us here.
  • Anonymous3514 @Anonymous3514
    2019-10-22 14:51:06 #3
  • Anonymous3510 @Anonymous3510
    2019-09-14 22:02:19 #2
  • Anonymous3508 @Anonymous3508
    2019-08-24 15:38:31 #1
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