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Convict : JINWONG1
The person pictured is likely not the Scammer!
From : Hong Kong,China Hong Kong A Shan Shan Tsiu Lam
Gender : man
Age : 60
Height : 175 cm (5 ft 9 in)
Last Login: 2021-03-30
Sentenced: 2021-04-03
Crime Committed : I am a Scammer from Nigeria but pretended to be in Hong Kong. I tried to scam a member with a story that all my medical equipment was being held by Customs and if she would lend me the money to get it out I would pay her back when I came to meet her. This is such a stupid scam so please don't fall for it. DO NOT TRUST JIMWONG1!!! He is not real and is not interested in a real relationship. He just wants your money.

Victim Statements/Comments

Photos used by Scammers are rarely their own. The person in the picture is probably completely innocent, but the person using it on any website is likely the same scammer as CLM has caught. If this is your photo and you're innocent contact us here.
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