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Convict : llmoore22
The person pictured is likely not the Scammer!
From : United States Florida Pembroke Pines
Gender : woman
Age : 42
Height : 170 cm (5 ft 7 in)
Last Login: 2021-04-18
Sentenced: 2021-04-19
Crime Committed : A smart member made a detailed report to CLM regarding the member stating to be in a different location in the USA than was showing up according to the IP checks he was doing as provided for in his Gold Membership. His reporting lead CLM to do a deep dive and we were able, eventually, to trace 11moore22 back to Nigeria. Don't trust 11moore22!!! She is not real, is not really interested in a long term relationship with you and only wants to scam you out of your hard earned money.

Victim Statements/Comments

Photos used by Scammers are rarely their own. The person in the picture is probably completely innocent, but the person using it on any website is likely the same scammer as CLM has caught. If this is your photo and you're innocent contact us here.
  • 2021-07-09 20:43:29 #2
  • 2021-04-20 00:16:19 #1
    I have been communicating with this person. States being jobless in Florida, formally from New York. Suspicions started when she said electricity was cut off, sold off phone, her dog and only using iPad. How using iPad without electricity? Asked her why utilities are cut off during COVID time? Never directly asked for money. I never implied or suggested any help. Kept conversations neutral. Sounded suspicious but kept my distance. Thanks for the warning!
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