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Never Send Money to Anybody You Haven’t Met in Person / Report Members Who Ask

Convict : charlotte1212
The person pictured is likely not the Scammer!
From : United States
Gender : woman
Age : 32
Height :
Last Login: 2021-08-11
Sentenced: 2021-08-14
Crime Committed : When I joined CLM I registered from an IP address in California, USA. However, when I last logged in I was on an IP from Ghana, Africa. There are different ways this might happen, but all of them still add up to the fact that I am a Scammer. A Gold Member caught me and reported me to CLM! If you are in contact with me DO NOT TRUST ME!!! I am a pure Scammer and have no interest in a real relationship. I just want what's in your bank account.

Victim Statements/Comments

Photos used by Scammers are rarely their own. The person in the picture is probably completely innocent, but the person using it on any website is likely the same scammer as CLM has caught. If this is your photo and you're innocent contact us here.
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